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Ok, I decided to change my icon pack today and ran IconPackager. After applying the icons I continued working, but some icons hadn't changed correctly. I'd had that before on Win7 and usually they were fine after a reboot.

So I rebooted. And hit a bootloop. This was looping after the windows logo screen, at the logon UI screen, where the screen colour matches whatever the wallpaper colour is and the little dots are circling round, just prior to where the login screen appears.

There was no way to fix this other than restoring my drive image (which I'd luckily taken earlier in the day).

But - this is the SECOND time it's done this. The first time I wasn't sure that it was IP, but now I am. I daren't use IP to change the pack now...



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Feb 29, 2016 3:19 PM by Discussion: WindowBlinds

Just thinking of editing one of my older skins in Photoshop CC and found to my horror that the TGA files aren't handled properly - their alpha channels are borked.

Then I remembered - I previously swapped out the targa file format plugin when I used PS before - and luckily Adobe have made the old plugin available...

But it doesn't seem to load in the PS CC version - there's a message in the start-up log that says that it failed to load.

Any idea how I can edit my TGA files? Help!



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Photoshop WB skin template

Apr 24, 2013 1:01 PM by Discussion: WindowBlinds

The link on this page is a big Photoshop file.

It is the template I used for my WB skins (specifically in this case 'Cubano') which I've decided to share with you. You can use it as a reference, as a tutorial, take it apart, change it - do whatever you like with it... (but don't post a duplicate 'Cubano' please!)

There isn't a single way to design a WB skin, but in my later designs I worked from a single PS file containing folders of layers for each of the elements of a skin. It may not be 100% complete - I don't think my skins ever were - but all the essential bits are catered for.

My process was to work on this PS file until I'd prepared all the elements for the skin, then turn off the backgrounds until the element was against transparency and then slice it out into it's own image file and save as a .TGA  The next bit was to put it all together using SkinStudio (although, and this may surprise people, I never used it - I always edited the UIS files manually).

If you open this file (it probably needs PS3 or above) you'll find that the folder of layers are coloured - purple for the window body, orange for 'XP' related, yellow for mockup-ups and backgrounds (just to see what it would look like), grey for unused stuff (maybe I just wanted it there for a reference), and most of the green being the skin elements. Hopefully the layers and folders are named sensibly. Turn the folders on and off... open the folders... turn the layers on and off and see what they do... take a peek at the layer styles and effects... play around with it.

Like I say - every designer does it their own way, and I've not had any PS training so it's just how I do it.

I hope it helps any budding skinners...


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Feb 15, 2013 12:24 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

I'm going to be releasing my Master Skins for all to download... slowly, when I can remember to do it (they are getting a bit old now). Starting with Primavera, which anyone can now download for free.



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Just bringing to anyone's attention who has downloaded Jingo - I've updated it because I'd added two out of date files to the wba file (the effects mostly seen on XP). The skin has been updated, so it would be worth removing the original version and downloading the updated one.

Sorry about that :S

Silly Essorant.


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you gotta love blue+orange+white

Jun 23, 2011 3:53 PM by Discussion: Sneak Previews

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May 13, 2011 6:20 PM by Discussion: Sneak Previews

soh, fisty, kate, ed

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Apr 28, 2011 4:08 PM by Discussion: Sneak Previews

Currently imaginatively titled 'Daily2' and intentionally similar. And it will be a freebie. And it should be ready fairly quickly. And that's all.

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A recent comment on my Cadiz skin (27/28).



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Mar 22, 2011 4:23 PM by Discussion: Sneak Previews

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